Welcome to Graduados de WHINSEC.

This organization has been established to allow graduates and former instructors a method to keep in contact and keep informed of changes in WHINSEC. We will publish information about graduations, major changes in WHINSEC courses, and important news about alumni of WHINSEC. We will welcome information from alumni and will post letters from alumni if sent in.

The site will be limited to only graduates of WHINSEC or former Instructors. A diploma or proof of attendence at WHINSEC will be required prior to granting membership. Other than allowing Graduates of WHINSEC to conect with old friends and stayed informed we will also sell the distinctive badges awarded at WHINSEC. To avoid problems with shipping and customs; we will sell the items and will release the items to current students in WHINSEC to be carried back to your respective countries. Also, any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.

Thanks for visiting this site.